4 Marketers Evaluated 50 Content Marketing Tactics

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4 Marketers Ranked 50 Content Marketing Tactics Based on Effort and Impact

Content Marketing has an overwhelming amount of options that has clients and marketers spinning. Determining which ones are best suited for a campaign can be challenging. Nik Livadas, a Full-Stack Inbound Marketing agency owner, created a project for 4 of who specialize in marketing from different specialties to evaluate 50 different content marketing tactics. Because we approach marketing differently the results created some obvious differences but there were also tactics we could agree on.

You’ll find my picks most often removed from the other 3 marketers because I sit on the client side of the desk. Many clients don’t know much about the tactics on this list, and even when they do, it’s not easy for them to use a tactic as successfully as a specialize marketer can.

Here’s the full report… it’s worth scrolling through the easy to read format Nik created. In our next segment on this report we’ll dive deep into our top picks and why we think they’re important.
Kudos to Nik for all his effort in creating and managing this project, which demonstrates the value of collaborative co-work offices.