Contract marketing is ideal for companies who need someone to be identifying new marketing opportunities, directing marketing efforts and managing projects, but do not want to incur the ongoing costs of a full-time hire. The solution is to hire a marketing consultant and contractor.

Ask any business leader what’s holding back their marketing efforts, and it’s always at least one of the same three challenges:

  • I don’t know what tactics will work
  •  I know what I need to do, but I don’t have the time to commit to it
  • I don’t have anybody to make sure things happen

 BrandrethWorks answers them all.

 Contract Marketing for Business Planning

 Whether you need to kick-start new business or maintain momentum as your business grows, BrandrethWorks will lay out your marketing options for you and help you create a strategic marketing plan that matches your business goals. You get sound marketing insights and strategies essential to your business plan, without having to make a permanent hire. You can engage BrandrethWorks only when you need marketing advice.

Marketing Management 

If your business doesn’t have a marketing position or it is currently unfilled, BrandrethWorks can step in to immediately identify what needs to be done, do it, or recommend the resources that are needed. BrandrethWorks can be a valuable resource to companies with expanding and contracting marketing needs.

Contract Marketing for Implementation

When a large project such as a branding initiative or web site launch is overloading your internal team, BrandrethWorks is the solution. While these projects are important and often essential to your business success, they may fall outside your team’s area of expertise. BrandrethWorks can provide project management for both your team and outside resources to ensure you get the job done and the results you need.

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