They say if your work speaks for itself, you shouldn’t interrupt. So I’ll just let a few clients talk about the successes we’ve shared.

“Ginny brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all aspects of corporate marketing. She is progressive with her concepts and her commitment to seeing a project to completion is exemplary. She was able to connect me with the proper business’ that could assist me in achieving our corporate marketing goals. Ginny is capable of handling many aspects of marketing simultaneously and proficiently. She assisted me with our website content update, product branding, sales and marketing material update and social media content. My experience with Ginny has provided me with a plethora of marketing knowledge. If you are looking to refresh your corporate marketing or gain some insight as to how marketing can help grow your business then I would highly recommend meeting with Ginny.”

Billy Rue – President/CEO – FPR Specialty Pharmacy LLC

“Ginny helped me re-launch my management consulting practice. Her practical approach demystified marketing jargon and web technologies and helped me establish a clear brand and effective marketing plan which addressed targeted, impactful strategies tailored for my business and personal style. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources to the table and is a pleasure to work with”

Lori Drescher, Culture Change/Customer Experience/Executive Coach

“WOW! Ginny has been fantastic! I had talked to my husband a while back about shifting my business to social media. When I met Ginny and told her what my goals were, she ran with it. She came up with a great Marketing Plan for me to follow with deadlines. I followed each task and if I needed help with something or had questions, Ginny was right there helping me through each question. If it wasn’t for Ginny, I don’t think I would have re-branded my business or be where I am right now. I am so excited to move forward with my new business venture and see where it takes me. Thank you so much Ginny, you are the best.”

Michelle Arbore, Social Media Manager and coach

“There is a reason Ginny Brandreth’s clients call her the “Execution Engine”. To have that reputation, one must be persistent, proactive, focused, resourceful and creative. To have all these qualities and be easy to work with is why I can recommend Ginny so highly!”

Nancy Roberts – Co-Founder at Income 180

“Ginny provided me with excellent insight in updating my company’s marketing strategy in a way that was both highly understandable and easily achievable. She has a knowing sense of how to strategize well with people and helped me understand how to extend the reach of my unique consulting service. She opened me up to the growing world of social media and bolstered my confidence in pushing into areas where new clients await. Ginny has an excellent mind for putting people together, and I recommend you seek her out quickly if you’re stuck and in need of innovative and successful marketing solutions!”

Peter Dohr, Founder of Peace Healing Families

“Ginny delivers …with an energy and enthusiasm that abounds. She knows marketing thru and thru and has a remarkable ablity to cut thru all the noise and focus on what’s important and what actually works”

Steve Potter, Managing Partner, Odgers Berndtson, LLC

“Ginny is a results oriented professional. Having worked with her on two different Boards, I’ve seen her take on numerous complex projects (in some cases running them concurrently) and deliver strong outcomes that were highly impactful to our organizations. I know from speaking to others that she delivers these types of results in her business as weIl.”

Judson Potter, Executive Director, Branch Manager at UBS Financial Services

“Ginny has a deep understanding of how customers and prospects perceive content delivered across these various channels and did a great job in harmonizing our company’s messaging and look across these interfaces. She has a great talent for writing clear, concise content that delivers the intended message. I also appreciate her attention to detail. I would highly recommend having Ginny work on any marketing project or program”

David Yeaple, Business Development and Technical Evangelist, Symantec Corporation

“Ginny handled all of our Marketing Communication for four years at Odyssey Software. She did a great job and produce fantastic results! Her professionalism and expertise helped Odyssey appear as a much larger and professional organization to our customers. I highly recommend Ginny Brandreth.”

Greg Siembor, CFO Odyssey Software

“I would highly recommend Brandreth Works to any group looking to accelerate their marketing and “go to market” capabilities. Whether that need is solidifying creative to improving that point of sale presentation, Brandreth Works was a major catalyst in introducing and growing our business. Brandreth Works brings great experiences to their practice, and I would encourage you to challenge them in building your business today.”

Joe Roxstrom, President and CEO at BioMaxx Inc. a Delta Point Capital Company

I had the great pleasure of working with Ginny at Biophan Technologies. She created a marketing department that previously didn’t exist, assembling a team and putting together a coherent message for the company. She managed a diverse group of people and handled some difficult problems and difficult personalities with humor, professionalism and a great work ethic. She is a solid leader, and a voice that can be counted on for honest input – definitely someone you want in a foxhole with you!”

John Lanzafame – CEO at Isoflux Inc.