TFP (Thriving Families Program) Launched in Wayne County

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Relationship skills are essential in every day of our lives yet not always instinctive. As teenagers transition to adults it gets much harder. TFP  (Thriving Families Program) is offered by the Catholic Charities of Wayne County offers support and guidance in developing healthy, positive relationships whether they be with family members, significant others, employers, friends or other important people i their lives.

The TFP team is outstanding in their service to 18-24 year-olds in the Wayne Co. community.  I’m honored to be asked by Peter Dohr  and Inga Rogas to create the marketing launch for a very important project and grateful for the stellar creative team that we are working with (Andrew Soucier, Julie Garland-Clementi, Chris Rimlinger, Stacey Rowe) that has and will continue to bring visibility and clarity to the program (including with this great Fox Rochester news segment with Norma Holland).  As we grow I invite you to visit and to share this post.

TFP Thriving Families Program